Thank you so much for serving as a Committee Chair!  We have created some forms that will help you in asking for donations from local vendors and also to get reimbursed for any money you spend for your events.  Please complete these forms and submit them to the PAC treasurer.  Thank you!
If you receive a donation from a vendor, please compete and give them this form as their receipt: 
Receipt for Donations 
If you collect money or receive gift cards, please fill out this form and submit it with the cash: 
Money & Gift Card Submission Form 
If you are asking vendors for donations for events such as prizes for Basket Bingo, Volleyball, etc. please use this form:
Request for Donation Form 
If you need to spend your own money for an event or other PAC-related item, please complete this form and turn it in with your receipt(s): 
Volunteer Reimbursement Form